It feels good to see people and crowd after so many days, said Jay.

I never expected these many people at Schenley park, said Sati.

How many days since we last met, Sati?

Man, I don’t remember when this all started. Two? Two and a half months?

Yes, It’s been…

& what skills I am working on this year

Recently, I have been pondering what are some of the skills a Product Manager should possess and develop during the course of career.
I tried my best to consolidate them into 3 broad buckets.
1. Problem Solving
2. Decision Making
3. People Management

A radar chart is a good way visual representation to spot the gaps for improvement. A good thing about the Radar chart is that you can add more skills to this polygon. Credit: Online Radar chart maker

1. Problem Solving

As a product manger, everyday is gonna…

You and I have a million ideas running in our heads right now. One of us is even brave enough to assemble a star-studded team with the most artistic of designers, a ninja engineer, a slick sales force, and a huge influx of capital to execute the vision. After toiling…

Jerry Weintraub: the self-made, Brooklyn-born, Bronx-raised impresario, Hollywood producer, legendary deal maker, and friend of politicians and stars. No matter where nature has placed him — the club rooms of Brooklyn, the Mafia dives of New York’s Lower East Side, the wilds of Alaska, or the hills of Hollywood —…

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!”

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Fear is going to be with us for…

During summer-2020, I read ‘Decisive’ — an amazing book on decision making recommended by my mentor. This book widened my perspective on how I look at my problem and make decisions right now. This blog is a summary of the book.

“Decisive is a book about the decision-making framework. And…

It was a cold-warm shiny spring afternoon. Just the right weather where with a fleece(thin jacket) I felt comfortable. I was standing in front of a two human tall three bronze statues outside the PPG paints arena, Pittsburgh. At first, I thought if they were the famous trio of this…

One of my mentor’s WhatsApp status read like this: ‘Our dreams are different, so are we’. It’s one of my favourite quotes.

People are different. Our dreams are different. The first hurdle in any marriage is attaining ‘symbiosis’: A mutually beneficial relationship.

The word ‘symbiosis’ is used frequently when we…


In the business and educational community, the word ‘innovation’ has become a buzz word. It’s little misleading and confusing sometimes though when people start using the word ‘Innovation’ interchangeably for ‘new’ or ‘something different’.

This article is my attempt to define ‘innovation’ in a way we could remember easily…


Do you have a moment in your life, when your mobile phone falls down accidentally at shattering speed!! You get all tensed up, pick up your mobile and try to switch on.

Alas! To your bad time, your mobile does not ‘respond’. Your mobile screen is still blank,
1 second,

Rahul Vignesh Sekar

Masters in Product Innovation @ CMU. I am passionate about leading people, empowering them and enabling teams to create something meaningful together.

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